The Guardian Rosary

The Guardian Rosary

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The “Guardian” series are custom one-off Rosaries based off our popular Crusader Ex Machina. 

Each piece starts with Our standard Crusader Ex Machina Rosary.  Special attention is given to the overall fit and finish of each Rosary.  Next custom adornments are designed in-house and silver soldered to each Rosary. This is a painstaking slow process as each adornment has to be soldered and cooled one by one. The designs and materials will vary from piece to piece making them all unique. Lastly, each piece will receive it’s own serial number further distinguishing it from all others.

“Guardians” will be released randomly and cannot be pre-ordered. 

Like all our Rosaries, the Guardians were built to last a lifetime and pass down to future generations.


Each Crusader E.M. has been CNC milled from solid metal. 


  • 360 Hard Brass
  • Copper
  • Titanium
  • 1018 Steel
  • 7075 Aluminum 

Burnished finish

2.25” Length
1.625” Width (approx.)
0.375" Thickness

Hole Diameter = 1"

Origin: Proudly made in the USA

**Disclaimer: This single decade rosary was created for the sole purpose of prayer, nothing else. By purchasing a Crusader Rosary, you (the buyer) agree to hold harmless and release De Luxe Standard, LLC (seller) from any legal claims and damages arising from negligence or misuse of our product.

Please know and abide your local laws.