de luxe: adj 1819, from French de luxe, literally "of luxury,"...

standard: noun, 1. a level of quality or attainment. 


de Luxe Standard was born from the desire to create and offer captivating goods of the highest quality.  Our relentless passion for craftsmanship and obsessive attention to detail are what defines the de Luxe Standard.  Creativity, functionality, faith and a splash of humor are just some ingredients that make up the dLS brand.  We are proud of our motley collection of products and choose to be limited only by our imagination!


About me...


Hi, my name is Ralph and I’m the one behind the de Luxe Standard Company.

For longer than I care to admit, I’ve been a gear junkie.  Pretty much anything that was pocketable, could carry or be worn was worthy of attention.  It didn’t matter if it was utilitarian or luxury, as long as it met my quality “Standard” it had the potential to join my collection.  Watches, knives, bags, keychains, pens, tools, even shoes were just some of my obsessions.  I’m sure many fellow collectors understand just how much gear one should own?.... hint...  just one more!  As the years past, my interest unexpectedly expanded into jewelry too.  Ultimately, an unrelenting fascination for handcrafted items and how they were made needed to be quelled.  So with a creative soul, a keen eye for detail and some raw artistic ability, I eventually began making my own unique gear.  From metals to composites, cottons to leathers, I created what inspired me, regardless of the medium and genre.  Hence, my motley collection.  The satisfaction of creating something from start to finish has been a dream come true and the support I receive from patrons all over the world has been a surreal experience.

As a one man brand, I design and craft each item as if it were my own, focusing on quality, not quantity, that will last a lifetime.  I hope you enjoy what has truly become a labor of love.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me.


Kind Regards,

Founder & Owner
de Luxe Standard, Co.