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de luxe: adj 1819, from French de luxe, literally "of luxury,"...

standard: noun, 1. a level of quality or attainment. 


the brand...


What is de Luxe Standard?  Well… I would suggest it’s more of a credo.  The phrase, “de luxe” originates from the meaning ‘of luxury.’  But that definition shouldn’t just imply expensive materials or some bougie trend.  “de Luxe” is really about the degree of excellence. A distinguishing characteristic found everywhere… accessories, clothing, food, service, style, even in life. So, it seemed only natural to make it the “Standard” to which products are crafted and how we should live our lives.  Be the de Luxe Standard!

As a one man brand, I design and craft each item as if it were my own, focusing on quality, not quantity, that will last a lifetime. Creativity, style, faith and a splash of humor are just some ingredients that make up the dLS brand.  I’m proud of my motley collection of products and choose to be limited only by my imagination! I hope you enjoy what has truly become a labor of love. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about dLS and myself.

Kind Regards,


Founder & Owner
de Luxe Standard, Co.