The Crusader | Pocket Rosary

The Crusader | Pocket Rosary

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"The Rosary is a powerful weapon to put the demons to flight..."
Pope Pius XI

The original Crusader is our interpretation of what a decade pocket Rosary should be; robust, elegant with an old world charm. We wanted to create a stout finger Rosary that was not only unique and beautiful but also functional. Upon first glance, one notices our unique design which incorporates the opening prayer’s of, two “Our Fathers” and three “Hail Marys.”  This is a feature normally reserved for traditional Rosaries, however we felt compelled to include them in our compact design.  It’s not until one begins to closely examine the Crusader, that they truly appreciate the details that set it apart from all other Rosaries.  From the fine roping between beads to the decorative Fleur de Lis embossed on every other bead to the ornate banner which waves peacefully above the Cross standing so resolute at the bottom.  These details were not just meant to be aesthetically beautiful but purposeful.  For example, the Fleur de Lis (a symbol of the Virgin Mary) was intentionally placed on every other bead in order to give visual and tactile feedback of finger placement while reciting the Rosary.  Additionally the inside circumference of the decade ring was designed to be substantially larger than normal finger Rosaries.  This size difference is more comfortable and accommodates those with larger fingers.  It was our intention to create a Rosary which embodied the beauty and functionality of a traditional five decade Rosary in a compact size.  We believe we succeeded. 

All Crusaders are created using the lost-wax casting process. One of the oldest know metal-forming techniques dating back thousands of years.  Today’s technological refinements have lead to more consistent and efficient results but the method has fundamentally been unchanged.  The lost-wax process also know as investment casting is the method preferred many jewelery makers because of its ability to reproduce highly detailed pieces.  This made the Crusader a perfect candidate for the this old world technique and it shows.  

The Crusader is an elegant Rosary that can be passed on to future generations encouraging not only prayer but also, our faith.

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2.25" x 1.5" x 0.375" (L x W x H)

Hole Diameter = 0.875”

Origin: Proudly made in the USA