Memento Mori Skull Pendant | 0.935 Silver

Memento Mori Skull Pendant | 0.935 Silver

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“time and tide wait for no man.”

 It’s easy to forget that we are gifted only one life. In some cases, a little reminder to make the best of life’s brevity and opportunities is welcomed. 

“Memento Mori” is a Latin phrase meaning, “Remember you must die” or “Remember your death.”  A message that should remind everyone that our time on earth is only temporary. Memento Mori objects have been around for ages and have mainly been used to symbolize our morality.  The most widely used symbol is the skull for obvious reasons. It is said, Latin Christian theory focused on reflections of death not as a morbid practice but as an inspiration to truly live.

When designing a Memento Mori themed pendant, subtlety was paramount.  A skull alone wasn’t going to cut it, at least not for me, haha. Nor was just adding the words “Memento Mori” to the piece. There needed to be more discrete but suggestive cues to the theme. So I decided to incorporate aspects from the most iconic symbol of Time... a clock! Or more specifically... a pocket watch.  My main focus was to replace the much overlooked bail (the part that connects the pendant to the chain). Rather than affixing the typical round wire bail ring onto the top of the skull, I chose to use a watch crown and bow as found on vintage pocket watches.  A classic clasp was also added to the signature bail design. This clasp design is typical of the era and normally attaches pocket watch to the chain. I found this simple design conveyed just the right amount of subtleties to remind us of time and mortality.  As usual, I kept the branding to a minimum.  Our scripted Crown logo & 935 (silver purity) are both stamped onto round silver tag and soldered to the back of every skull.

The entire pendant was designed using traditional techniques.  The skull was hand carved from wax and solidified in 0.935 sterling silver using the lost wax casting process.  More pictures are available on Instagram @deluxestandardusa



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Material: 0.935 Argentium Sterling Silver

Finish: Polished

Length = 2"
Width (at skull) = 0.625"

*chain not included*


Origin: Proudly made in the USA