Leather Lighter Sleeve

Leather Lighter Sleeve

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Who doesn’t have use for a dependable lighter?  Whether it’s for birthday candles, camp fires, lanterns, cigars & pipes, fireworks, or even lighting a jeweler’s oxygen-propane torch… lighters have proven to be invaluable tool. Disposable lighters seem to be one of the most popular options, as they are readily available all over the world.  So, we designed a custom leather sleeve specifically for the ever popular Bic** disposable lighters.

Each sleeve is hand made from one piece of premium 4-5oz leather to ensure a durable and long lifespan. As it ages, most leathers will continue to develop a rich and beautiful patina. Making it unique to each owner. Ritza Tiger thread, know for its strength and durability, was used for clean looking saddle stitch. Lastly, we designed our sleeve to incorporate a hand formed jump ring. This versatile addition is secured to the leather using rivet and burr fasteners. Definitely overkill for its purpose, but what else would you expect from De Luxe Standard? We chose to add the jump ring because disposable lighters always seem to be Missing In Action, at least in our household, haha. Now you can now keep your lighter close, by attaching it to a keychain, backpack, lanyard or whatever else you want. We finished up the sleeve with our scripted crown logo and USA eagle discretely embossed on one side.


Each sleeve is cut, sewn and riveted by hand.  The leather edges are hand burnished to give a clean finished appearance.


Our leather sleeves are available for both the standard and mini sized Bic Disposable Lighters. (Bic Lighter/s NOT included)  


Made in USA



**De Luxe Standard has no affiliation with Bic Lighters or Company