The Wrestler

The Wrestler "El Luchador" Bottle Opener

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What better way to enjoy your favorite bottled beverage than to open it with a fun and unique bottle opener.  A great way to start a conversation without even saying a word.

El Luchador bottle opener was inspired by the unique and colorful masks used predominantly in Mexico’s professional world of wrestling, better known as Lucha Libre (free fight).  Bottled beverages don't stand a chance with El Luchador!  No more wrestling with stubborn bottle caps.

The design allows the user to open beverages from multiple positions.  Open from the right or left side, from the top or bottom, push or pull.  The choice is yours.

Another added feature is the nose cutout which is actually a disguised 1/4" hex bit socket.  Pretty cool, right?


Each El Luchador Is CNC milled from solid metal. 

• Titanium / Grade 5 / 6AL 4V
• Brass
• Aluminum

3” Length
2.75” Width (approx.)
0.5" Thickness

Hole Diameter = 1" x 2
Hex Bit = .25" (nose cutout)

Crown (de Luxe Standard logo) 

Origin: Proudly made in the USA

**Disclaimer: El Luchador is a novelty and decorative bottle opener.  It was exclusively designed as a tool for prying open bottled beverages and as a hex bit driver. By purchasing an El Luchador bottle opener, you (the buyer) agree to hold harmless and release De Luxe Standard, LLC (seller) from any legal claims and damages arising from negligence or misuse of our product.

Please know and abide your local laws.