Corona Ex Machina | Finger Rosary

Corona Ex Machina | Finger Rosary

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"The Rosary is the weapon for these times"
Saint Padre Pio

It wasn’t long after the release of our Crusader series that customers began requesting a smaller more traditionally sized finger Rosary.  However, we couldn’t just follow the same footsteps of the typical finger Rosary, could we?!  No, that wouldn’t be the “de Luxe Standard” way!  So we went to work brainstorming.   How can we bring some of the desired characteristics of our popular Crusader to an even smaller finger Rosary format.  The most distinguishing hallmark of our Rosaries is the addition of the Rosary’s opening prayers.  Something that is not present on current finger Rosaries.  Well, it finally came to us.  Why not add indicators on the inside of the Rosary ring?!  So simple!  We were astonished that it had not been done before:

For example, the interior of the ring has tactile nodules that represent the traditional drop of a five decade Rosary’s opening prayers; an Our Father and three Hail Marys.

  • The larger nodule at the top of the inside ring represents the "Our Father" (Pater bead).
  • The 3 nodules at the bottom of the inside ring represent the first 3 Hail Marys (Ave beads).

Completing a full prayer circle on the inside of the ring is the same bead count as the beginning of a traditional 5 decade Rosary.

The outside beads and cross are designed to function like a typical finger rosary.  However, there is one additional feature with our beads... Every other bead has a simplified flower-cross motif to give visual feedback while praying the decade.

Additionally, we decided on a larger inside finger circumference, as we discovered all typical finger Rosaries were just too small.  We believe it to be just right.

Currently, all Ex Machina Rosaries are cut from 3/16” solid metal by a precision waterjet cutter. Each raw piece is then inspected and sanded by hand to improve the finish before a light tumble to soften the edges and burnished to create a luxurious polish. Lastly, each Rosary receives a hand stamped crown logo on a single bead. As with most our products, we like to keep the branding to a minimum as it’s about the prayer not our company.

The Corona Ex Machina is a Rosary that can be passed on to future generations encouraging not only prayer but also, our faith.


Each Crusader E.M. has been cut from solid metal by a precision water jet.


• Brass
• Copper
• Titanium

Burnished, sometimes matte

1.75” Length
1.625” Width (approx.)
0.1875" Thickness

Inside Hole Diameter = .75"

Hand Stamped Crown (de Luxe Standard logo)

Origin: Proudly made in the USA