Little Wrestler

Little Wrestler "Luchito" Bottle Opener

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What better way to enjoy your favorite bottled beverage than to open it with a fun and unique bottle opener.  A great way to start a conversation without even saying a word.

This bottle opener is part of our Luchador Series.  The Luchito, Spanish for “little wrestler,” is the younger brother to our original El Luchador bottle opener.  Although they are related, the Luchito has a very different personality.  Size isn’t the only distinguishing characteristic.  This bottle opener is made from both metal and leather giving it a traditional “Lucha Libre” appearance.   Only the best materials are used for these little fighters.  From exotic leathers to premium thread options to various metals, the options are going to be endless with this little guy.  

The Luchador Series bottle openers were inspired by the unique and colorful masks used predominantly in Mexico’s professional world of wrestling, better known as Lucha Libre (free fight).  Bottled beverages don't stand a chance with El Luchito!  

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Each Luchito is cut from solid metal. Hand finished and hand sewn onto each fob with premium polyester thread. 

Mask Material: (bottle opener)
Brass, Stainless, Titanium

Background Material: (Fob)
Premium Leather

Thread Material:
Premium Ritza Tiger Thread

2.625” Length
2” Width (approx.)
0.4375" Thickness

Origin: Proudly made in the USA