Bandana | the Cowboy

Bandana | the Cowboy

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Bandanas are an Every Day Carry essential.  From Chivalry to Survival, Hygiene to Medical, and lets not forget the big one... Style!  There are soo many uses for a bandana.  One of the best reasons for bandana?... it’s better to have one and not need it, than need it and not have one.  A bandana’s light weight and size make it a perfect addition to your EDC.  One simple internet search for “bandana uses” reveals just how versatile this single piece of cloth can be.  Soon you’ll be wondering why you’re not carrying one, if you aren’t already.  

But let’s not stop there!  We decided our bandanas needed a little upgrade too.  Like our custom handkerchiefs, De Luxe Standard’s bandanas also have a simple but functional buttonhole.  Each buttonhole is strategically located in a corner within the artwork. Making it as discrete as possible.  Although this feature may have other applications it's primary use is that of a napkin.  Just affix the button opening onto a shirt collar button.  Think of it as a built-in bib, LOL.  

As for this custom bandana, aptly named the “Cowboy,” it has a clean symmetrical design with a hints of Country style...  such as the stitching accent found on a pair cowboy boots, or the big stars found in the country’s night sky, even the border is a rope pattern bringing it all together.  Additionally, we didn’t name it the “Cowboy” just because of its design... it’s also the name of a cocktail. We like to name our hanks after cocktails and figured we’d keep the tradition with our bandanas too.  Interesting coincidence... there are many variations for the “Cowboy” cocktail, as there are uses for bandanas.

The design was screen printed by hand with a water based discharge ink.  Discharge inks remove the material’s dye instead of printing inks on top of it.  Similar to bleaching, the discharging agent brings the material back to its natural color, except it doesn’t damage the fibers.  The results are an extremely soft print.  The artwork is only screen printed onto one side.  Therefore, the artwork will appear more vibrant on one side than the other.  On occasion, the discharge ink will permeate completely through giving it a mirror image on the opposite side but for the vast majority, it’s just faint reflection making each bandana unique.

We are excited to add bandanas to our Fine Goods collection and hope you enjoy them too.


• Made from tightly woven, 100% USA cotton quilting fabric with a rolled hem.
• Screen printed by hand using Discharge inks.
• Pre-washed and pressed, these bandanas become softer after each launder.
• Measures approximately 21” x 21” (53 x 53 cm).
• Made in USA.

Wash with like colors as normal.  Hot or cold, they can take it.  Just No Bleach.  Dryer is fine too!

The more you launder them, the softer they become.




Just as we are all unique, so are our bandanas.  Due to individual material characteristics and the nature of hand crafting there may be some variations from pictured item. Consider this your Bandanas identity. Display and use it with pride.