Savior | Pocket Cross

Savior | Pocket Cross

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The Savior pocket cross is now a permanent addition to our Faith Collection. These crosses are 100% handmade in the USA.

The Savior cross was originally a custom one-off creation.  We really didn’t have intentions to make more but the positive responses were so overwhelming that we decided to make it a part of the “Faith” family.  Each cross is made with a single piece of solid brass stock wrapped over an exotic wood or material, all secured with hand made rivets.  It all starts with a single sheet of 16 gauge brass stock which is hand-cut with a jewelers saw. Once the shape is ready, the cross is folded over onto the center material.  A thin layer of adhesive is then applied to permanently bond the pieces together.  After the adhesive cures rivets are added to further secure all the materials together.  Next, the wood is cut down and the shaping begins. Various files, burrs and sand paper are used to ensure an even & smooth surface.  The final stage is all about polishing.  There are several stages of polishing depending on materials used and the desired finish.  It may sound simple but the truth is quite the opposite.  You would be surprised as to the amount love and labor goes into such a small piece. 

Due to the labor intensive process, the Savior crosses will be released in limited quantities, at least for now.




  • Brass
  • Rosewood
  • Purpleheart Wood
  • Bocote Wood
  • G-Carta
  • .925 Silver Rivets


1.875” (approx.)
1.385” Width (approx.)
0.25" Thickness

Hand Stamped Crown (de Luxe Standard logo)

Origin: Proudly made in the USA