RAFFLE No.2 in support for Mary’s Meals

RAFFLE No.2 in support for Mary’s Meals

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100% of Proceeds will be donated to Mary’s Meals.  Mary’s Meals is a 501(c)(3) charity that aims to provide chronically hungry children with one meal every school day, encouraging education that can lift them out of poverty in later life. “a simple solution to world hunger.”

Raffle Prize is a one-of-a-kind traditional 5 Decade Rosary designed in collaboration between The Catholic Woodworker & De Luxe Standard.

Rosary Details:

This unique Rosary is a collaboration between The Catholic Woodworker and De Luxe Standard, raising money and awareness for Mary’s Meals a 501(c)(3) charity.

We started with the robust Cross and Fleur de Lis centerpiece designs from De Luxe Standard.  Each was precision cut from 3/16” grade 6-4 Titanium and given a luxuriously smooth to the touch finish.  In addition, hand formed copper jump rings were attached to each piece and soldered closed for durability and aesthetics.  The Catholic Woodworker completed this Rosary with a beautiful color combination of 8mm Ave Beads (Hail Mary beads) made of Madre de Cacao and 10mm Pater Beads (Our Father beads) made of Birdseye Rhyolite Stone. The entire Rosary was then carefully tied together with Brown Camo 95 Paracord known for its durability as well as versatility for outdoor activities.

We are excited and honored to offer this outstanding Rosary for such an amazing cause.

On behalf of Mary’s MealsThe Catholic Woodworker & De Luxe Standard we would like to thank you for your contribution and support.

Good Luck and God Bless!

Rosary Specs:

  • Overall length of this Rosary is 20”
  • Circumference is approx. 26.25”
  • Titanium Cross 2” x 1.25” with Copper jump ring
  • Titanium Fleur de Lis with Copper jump rings
  • 8mm Madre de Cacao beads
  • 10mm Birdseye Rhyolite Stone beads
  • Brown Camo 95 Paracord 



  • Each ticket number is $10.00
  • 50 raffle tickets are available 
  • Customers can choose and purchase any number/s available 
  • “Additional Entry” may be purchased to increase chances of winning number
  • Random drawing will be made after last spot has been filled**
  • Winner will be announced via social media (e.g. Instagram @catholicwoodworker)
  • Winner will be contacted via email.
  • Free shipping within Cont. USA, International pays additional $15 for shipping

** Raffle Duration will be determined based on customer participation.  After 30 days, unfilled spots will be discarded and drawing will be among remaining paid participants.