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This hanky was aptly named Grasshopper after the cocktail. It shares the same vibrant color as the main ingredient, creme de menthe. I expect this to be an instant year around classic.

The main materials have been pre-washed to avoid any disproportionate shrink while washing.

Yes, our handkerchiefs are named after cocktails.  And why not?...  they do have similar uses:
Hygiene, Chivalry, Medical, Survival, Utility and my favorite... Style!
Cheers & Carry-on!

100% Cotton / 100% Cotton Linen

A Side - mint green & blue plaid
B Side - navy blue
Stitch - biege diagonal slash

12" x 12"

Each handkerchief is meticulously crafted in Southern California, USA.

Just as we are all unique, so are our hankies.  Due to individual material characteristics and the nature of hand crafting there may be some variations from pictured item. Consider this your Hanky's identity. Display and use it with pride.