Fleur-de-lis | Pocket Rosary

Fleur-de-lis | Pocket Rosary

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The Fleur-de-lis was the original symbol we laser engraved on our first generation Crusader Ex Machina Rosaries. Known as one of many symbols that represent the Virgin Mary, the fleur-de-lis continues to be one of our most popular designs. In continuation with this design, we have created a semi-custom Rosary similar to our Memento Mori Rosaries.  Each Fleur-de-lis Rosary begins with our standard Crusader Ex Machina decade Rosary (please see our Crusader Ex Machina for more information about our unique Rosary design). Special attention is given to each Rosary’s overall finish before proceeding to the semi-customization.  Next, hand designed fleur-de-lis flowers were created and made in-house using the lost-wax casting process. A method commonly used to create fine jewelry. Seven fleur-de-lis are then silver soldered onto every other bead to give tactile and visual feedback when praying the Rosary. This is a painstakingly slow process as each fleur-de-lis has to be soldered one by one. Once all the flowers have been applied the Rosary is cleaned up and prepared for various finishing stages to achieve its luxurious finish. 


Expected lead times for pre-orders are approximately 2-3 weeks. Sooner if possible. Orders will be processed in the order they are received. Customers will be notified regarding any changes to fulfillment.  Thank you for your patience.


Each Crusader E.M. has been CNC milled from a solid metal plate. 

Fleur-de-lis: Brass or Bronze
Rosary: Brass or Copper

2.25” Length
1.625” Width (approx.)
0.375" Thickness

Hole Diameter = 1"

Crown (de Luxe Standard logo) stamped on single bead

Origin: Proudly made in the USA

**Disclaimer: This single decade rosary was created for the sole purpose of prayer. By purchasing a Crusader Rosary, you (the buyer) agree to hold harmless and release De Luxe Standard, LLC (seller) from any legal claims and damages arising from negligence or misuse of our product.

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