Defender Cross Pendant

Defender Cross Pendant

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Defend our faith!  There is much meaning to be found within and all the elements of the Defender Cross.  From the dove to the shield to the Cross itself.  This was one of those pieces that naturally came together with some unexpected but welcomed meanings.  To start, at the top of the cross is a dove which represents the Holy Spirit / Ghost.  It also doubles as a bail (the part of the pendant that attaches to a chain).  When applicable, I’ll try to disguise the rather overlooked bail design, and in this case I choose the image of the descending dove.  Next is the shield.  A symbol representing protection and strength. In this case, it represents our commitment to protect our faith.  Lastly is the Cross itself.  I’ve always loved the look of the Crosslet Cross and wanted to use it for this pendant.  However, I was also surprised to learn of a common interpretation of this Cross design…. That the four smaller crosses at each end of the Cross represent the four evangelists : Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Ultimately, we as Christians know the Cross represents the sacrifice that Jesus made for the sins of everyone when he was crucified.  Every Cross has it’s own meaning and personal connection to the one who wears it.  I hope this pendant means a much to you as it does to me.

This piece was made the traditional way... by hand.  Starting with a simple block of wax, the cross was hand-carved and ultimately solidified in silver using the lost-wax casting technique.  Each cross is 100% made in-house, in the good ol’ USA.  Lastly, we added a rustic patina to further the charm of the Old World style.   The ruggedness of the Defender Cross exemplifies the strength of our faith.

Each cross is casted in .935 Argentium Sterling Silver.  The exquisite Agentium Sterling Silver has a higher purity rating of .935 than traditional Sterling Silver at .925.  It also has a beautifully brighter color and anti-tarnishing characteristics. 


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Pendant Only, Chain/Necklace NOT INCLUDED.
Recommended chain size would be 3mm or less. 

• .935 Argentium Sterling Silver

High Shine Burnished finish

1.75” Length (including dove bail)
1.25” Width (approx.)
0.125" Thickness

Hand Stamped Crown (de Luxe Standard logo)
.935 purity stamp

Origin: Proudly made in the USA