church-key Multi-tool

church-key Multi-tool

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A “Church key” is a generic term used to describe a type of bottle opener that resembled an old key. No one really knows exactly how the name came about but my favorite theory is in relation to monks who were renowned for their extraordinary brewing capabilities. Theory is, centuries ago the best beer was known to be brewed by monks in monasteries.  In order to protect the aging beer the monks would keep them under lock and key in cellars. Only the monks had keys to their prized beverage.  As such, it’s theorized that at some point, “church key” became a common name for beer openers either because of their resemblance to keys or the fact that only the monks could open the beers. You decide.

de Luxe Standard’s “church-key” was originally inspired from vintage screwdriver keys (exactly how they sound) used as promotional items back in the day. Main difference is ours are CNC machined from solid metal.  But we didn’t stop there, we added a couple extra features to make it more useful, such as a bi-directional bottle opener and 1/4” hex bit socket. All while staying pretty close to the average household key size.  This little multi-tool is stout and built to last.  Cheers!

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Proudly made in the USA

Material: (Each church-key is CNC machined from solid metal)
Stainless Steel 

2..375” Length
1.25” Width
0.25" Thickness


**Disclaimer: The “church-key is a bottle opener and multi-tool.  By purchasing a "church-key” multi-tool, you (the buyer) agree to hold harmless and release De Luxe Standard, LLC (seller) from any legal claims and damages arising from negligence or misuse of our product.

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